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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Join us in Children’s Church as we continue our “Slimy Behavior Needs a Savior” series and learn about lying slime! Last week, we learned how Esau selfishly threw away his birthright. This Sunday we will learn how Jacob received that birthright.

We will learn that while lying is one of the easiest sins to commit, it can lead to a slimy reputation. God wants us to be honest in everything that we do. We are led to stand out with honesty.

What We Learned

“Slimy Behavior Needs a Savior”

Last Sunday we learned about selfish slime. In Jacob’s and Esau’s culture, the “birthright” was a very important privilege, but Esau treated it like it was nothing. He was selfish and only thought of himself in the moment- which led to a slimy situation!

We learned that when we are selfish it can lead to slimy situations.

God wants us to put His plans first and ours second. He wants us to wait for His best. When we learn to put God first, we can avoid the sticky situations like the one Esau created.

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