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Join us every Sunday in September as we launch into TREK: An Adventure in Trust.


We start the month with Jacob. We find his story through various passages in Genesis 25, 27, and 28.Jacob might have wondered how God felt about him after swindling his brother’s birthright and blessing out from under him. But in a dream, God reminded Jacob that He loved Jacob and could be trusted. God renewed the covenant that he started with Jacob’s grandfather Abraham. God always keeps his promises.

Bottom Line: You can trust God no matter what.From being powerful enough to create the universe to being personal enough to love each one of us through Jesus, God has proved that He can be trusted in any and every circumstance. We pray that kids will discover they can trust God with whatever they face in their own life.

Earn POWER UPS each week for your team by attending Sunday School, repeating the memory verse, winning games, get caught showing trust, and bringing your bible, a friend, or an offering! Our August and September competition is Evens vs. Odds! (Grades not Ages)

September MEMORY VERSE: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 NJV

KIDS FIRST Covington

Each month on the third Friday, KIDS FIRST will perform a service project for our church or community followed by open gym time in the Christian Life Center. Our goal is to build lasting friendships among our children and help create a serving heart.

In Children’s Church we discussed table manners at home and school that we follow today and learned different dining customs of other countries. In Chile, it’s considered a bad manner to ever touch any part of your meal with anything except a knife and fork. This includes things like fries. In Brazil you can’t grab your pizza or burger with your hands- cutlery even for those foods is a must. The kids loved hearing that burping is considered good manners in some countries like India, Turkey, parts of the Middle East and China. Letting out a good burp at the end of a meal just means you really enjoyed your food.

At the time Jesus was on earth there were also specific dining customs and Jesus used those customs to teach about the kingdom of heaven. In those days, there was a special place at the table for the guest of honor. Many people, then and now, want to sit in the place of honor. It is similar to wanting to be first in line at school or having the best seats at a baseball game.

We learned that Jesus taught that in the kingdom of heaven the order is reversed. Those people who have reverence for God and are humble will have a place of honor. He said, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (14:11).

Being first is not always best. The lesson Jesus taught reminds us to think of others and remember that, above all, God should have first place in our lives.

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